Do you ever feel like there is some mysterious secret that keeps you from all the money and wealth you need and desire?

Imagine for a second what it would it be like if you could find that secret....

What would it be like if you had way more choice and control over your money?

The Big Secret is yours...inside the PIGEES Financial Freedom System!

The Six Little P.I.G.E.E.S. Learn the Amazing Money Multiplying Methodde
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Why should learning about money, such an important part of our daily lives, be heavy with fear and dread? I believe in mixing fun and learning together so thoroughly that they can't be torn apart - ever! So instead of piling huge mountains of hard lessons upon your already-busy brain, I regale you with a fun story that automatically ingrains the money how-to into your subconscious mind as you read. No studying for hours.

You'll see through the eyes of the characters in the story just how you have been using your money incorrectly, or how you have developed money-use patterns that sabotage your ability to get, be or stay wealthy and prosperous - and then exactly what to do about it all.

You'll absorb this simple system so fast you'll be surprised.

And once you establish it as a habit, you'll be absolutely amazed how new opportunities you never saw before emerge right in front of your eyes, how easy it is to pay your bills.

You'll watch yourself start to feel like money is no longer a problem for you at all.

Systems work! When you start to develop and implement this system, your success - whatever that means for you, personally - grows exponentially.

The 100-Day Daily Guide E-Book
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The only way to get new mental and emotional patterns is if you make new mind-grooves to jump into--and stay in them.

The old ones aren't working, so why keep them? Zen masters say if you do something for 90 days, you've made it your own. It works for me, and I've seen it work over and over for my coaching clients - it will work for you, too.

Make Wealth your own! Promise yourself today to do what it takes to develop new , supportive money patterns and habits so you don't have to continue facing and fighting - and being dicouraged by - the same problems you're facing right now!

When you use the easy, unique and fun steps in this Guide Book every single day, you'll come out with millionaire habits.

And you get FREE access to the PIGEES MastermindSet Forum for people committed to creating Financial Freedom.

3. AND 3 BONUS Downloadable EBOOKS:
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Success Feedback - BONUS: Focus on what's most important to you; track whether you got there or not; and see where you went off track so you can get back on again.

Freedom-Thinking - BONUS: Use each part to create your wealth and financial freedom!

Inspiration E-Booklet - BONUS: Reminders about where you're going and why you want to get there. Get back on track when you get into a momentary doofus-fuzz head space!

When you use this simple, easy system, your relationship with money and your ability to build a constant, solid financial freedom will shift forever.

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The Six Little PIGEES:

Angela, you are such a creative genius!!!  This is awesome!  The part about thinking like a millionaire especially hit home. I love the way the importance of each category was explained.

I wish I'd read this book seven years ago when I got divorced.  It would have made a huge difference!

Lynn Ward, Life Coach

I was not prepared for how much this little story would capture my heart. Angela has taken a boring subject and injected fun, personality and joy - most of all joy - into this important subject. I read the story and started to implement the steps the same night!

Now, I'm a fairly critical and show me kind of old guy. Prove to me that it works and I'll give you some of my ever more precious time. But this story just gently wafted by all my cynicism and grabbed my action gland and I've begun to live the tasks recommended by the book. I find it's easy to remember the steps because the characters, pictures and explanations in the book were so memorable.

I love this book. I give it my highest recommendation.

Mark Bossert
Website Designer, Canada

Dear Angela,

I had real success this week. Whatever we did in your teleclass must have released something, because I just sold two paintings this week to the same customer. I'm looking forward to the next class and more successes.
Thanks again for your class.  I know I need to play much more but have been busy painting (that's fun too but work also). Feel more inspired after your call.
Margaret D.


You do such wonderful things and I can tell that you really are concerned about each of us and our prosperity. Thank you for that concern - it made me feel like I was a part of something bigger instead of being alone and no one caring.

Since I have been reading the PIGEES books...I have been amazed at the wonderful things that have been happening to me and the coincidences that have come from just being out there and releasing the fear and trusting that I will be supported.

Tonight for instance we returned something to a food place that was incorrect and they gave us what we had originially ordered plus 2 other things from the menu and apologized for the mistake. I came out with gratitude and of course thanked them and that is just one of the wonderful experiences that have been happening.

A friend took me to dinner tonight and it was a wonderful experience. Places have given things to me and the bank today gave me more than I had requested and offered to help me with some other financial stuff that I was originally afraid to ask about.

I am truely starting to trust that the universe will provide for me and if I get into doubt I realize that doubt will only bring me more of the same. I will also start to use the
EFT with the money worries when they come up.

THank you so much!!

Virginia S.


I would be so honored to explore the possibilities of using this material with kids.

Deanna S.

Hi Angela,

Thank you for sharing your experience. You see, that is what I so like about you. You are real. And natural.

You just are.

You say how you had only $7.03 when you started out and how coaching helped you, and now you are not affraid or self concshiouss. That is very beautiful.

Thank you my dear Angela,
your friend,

for just 79.97!

You can use Paypal or your credit card.

Upon completion of your purchase, you'll get a receipt, and you'll be directed immediately to the download page where you will get all your goodies.


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WARNING: This is NOT a get-rich-quick system! It can take a bit of time to get substantial results, and it does take a discernable shift of perspective. But what great things in life don't?

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